Michelle MercerMichelle Mercer
16:06 03 Apr 22
I am very happy to say I have learned Computer Basics, Excel, Word, Outlook and Zoom in 7 weeks. It took some effort but Jorge is very patient and a good teacher. He is very knowledgeable in these areas. In addition he helped me realize how I can use all this knowledge in the workforce to get a better paying job. Thank you Jorge.
Danna KearneyDanna Kearney
13:46 30 Mar 22
My daughter signed up for all levels of the Microsoft Office Suite of programs (Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook). She was a little apprehensive as she didn’t have a lot of computer experience, however the one-on-one training, handouts and practice made this such a positive and easy learning experience.Thanks to Jorge and Ezee Computer Training - she now has the skills and a more positive outlook on her future opportunities.
16:35 14 Mar 22
Would like to thank Jorge for his knowledge & expertise in Excel & Microsoft Word, his flexibility & patience make it easy and enjoyable.
Bryan VollmerBryan Vollmer
16:50 25 Nov 20
I took online Excel and Outlook training with Jorge.he is very personable and knowledgeable.Thanks Jorge!
Darren DeWildeDarren DeWilde
16:03 22 Apr 20
Jorge was a fantastic teacher. He really took time to go through each example, break it down on how to use it, and how to properly execute it to avoid errors. The training material was fantastic and very informative. Highly recommend his services.


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23. Rockland Flooring

“I had used Excel for many years in my sales positions within the transportation industry. My expectations were not too high with taking the Level 1 Excel course. What a huge surprise to find that Jorge showed me so many more tools and processes that I was not aware of. His way of using analogies and scenarios in his teaching brought a real life feel to what he was saying. Not only did he show how to use Excel but he taught me how to use the program to get the result needed in different situations. He brought it to a new level of learning and I can’t wait to go back for the follow up Excel classes as well as Power Point classes. Thanks Jorge!”

Tim Lilley Business Development Manager

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Microsoft Office Training
Microsoft Office programs are full of numerous tools that can significantly improve productivity. Nevertheless, most employees only use 10% of these tools and thereby majority of their potential efficiency is lost! Our hands-on training highlights shortcuts and features that can help participants greatly expand their productivity and efficiency in the work place.

Courses Schedule And Registration

Now, we are offering Virtual/Online classes as well.  And a 6-hour course can be split into two 3-hour sessions or three 2-hour sessions.

Computer Training Solutions for Individuals or Organizations

Whether you are looking for computer training for several employees, a department, an entire organization, or for your own personal reasons, we offer on-site and off- site training. Our services focus on the full cycle of training – from identifying and assessing your skills, to developing customized and effective training. We invite you to work with us to find the best suited training package to keep you and your company competitive.

One-on-One Training Packages

ECT offers private, personalized training to anyone who is short on time or prefers working outside formal classroom instruction. Receive individual attention to conquer your concerns so that you can achieve your personal computer goals.
One-on-One Rates:

Regular cost per hour                                   $80

Package 1
Reg Price $160
Book one 2-hour session

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Reg Price $640
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You pay $480 *

Group Training Packages

ECT offers on-site training meaning we come to you with our mobile computer lab as well off-site training at our facility.
Two 3-hour sessions or One Day 6-hour Workshop

Regular cost per course                               $320

Package 1
Reg Price $960
Book 6-hour session for 3 participants

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You pay $922 *

Package 2
Reg Price $1920
Book 6-hour session for 6 participants

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Package 3
Reg Price $2880
Book 6-hour session for 9 participants

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